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Do You Do This Too?

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when you fill your tank with gas, and go inside for the 20 seconds it takes you to pay the gas attendant, do you lock your car door?


I do this every time, but I wonder...what are the odds that a car thief has had his eye on my car, and sees that as a perfect chance to walk up to my car and snatch it.


i know, there's no keys in it, but they could steal a few cds.

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here, you're lucky to find a station where they still pump the gas for you, plus it's cheaper to just pump it yourself and go inside to pay. so you have to leave your car, unless you pay with debit/credit at the machine, but i never do that cuz i'm a-scareded of card scams. i don't drive much anymore, and i don't think i locked the car to pay for gas when i did.

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i've driven for years, but ive only paid attendants a handufl of times. I use shell's easyPay. screw waiting in line



I still wouldn't think of not locking my door, no matter where I'm going for however long. in fact, I think I even lock the car when I step out to pump

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