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U.s. Primary Debates

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my prediction: John McCain is going to leave the election soon enough. I can't see alot of voters supporting at 70+ year old man who is all for continuing an unpopular war.


Same goes for Rudy Guiliani.....not the 70+ thing, but you know what i mean.

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I was impressed with Mike Gravel. He seems like the only truly honest one of the democrats who is tries to scrape through all the bullshit. I like him, but he's a bit of an old dolt to be President.


Kucinich has some good asnwers, though not sure he's Presidential material. I remember back in the 2004 Primaries he was the only one wanting to get the troops out of Iraq immediately. I like the Mexican guy too.


Clinton & Obama are so full of political b.s. double-speak. John Edwards just isn't quite Presidential material either IMO. All he's got going for him is his store-bought good looks & southern charm.

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my prediction. Clinton/Edwards or Edwards/Clinton '08.


as cool as it would be to have clinton/obama. i think it is just too crazy for mid-class america. a woman, AND a black man???? wouldn't happen.

u might be right, got a good point. Edwards brings some of those southern Christian values to the table that more right-leaning Americans like.


But its pretty sad in the the age we live in that the U.S. would be still scared to vote a very qualified woman & black man into the White House. The 1960's were almost 50 years ago, whats the fucking hold up?

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