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I'm tired, seriously! and I lay in bed forever. can't sleep. I started writing a novel in my head about the frustration that I am feeling because I can't sleep. it was quite a masterpiece if I may say so myself. but instead I just rolled over and tried counting sheep. Seriously, I've never tried that before, I made it to 13 before I got distracted by thinking that the mythbusters should do a show where they bust the myth that counting sheep puts you to sleep.

I think I need a new bed. my bed is so uncomfortable that I can't get comfortable on it. then I try to sleep on my loveseat but it's a fucking loveseat so thats not really going to work. sometimes i sleep on the floor but thats not really that great either because it's a bit too hard for my liking.

one of the worst feeling ever is looking at the clock and thinking "I have to be up in "x" hours" and knowing "x" isn't NEARLY enough sleep for you. I once thought that maybe, everytime I can't sleep, I'll play DDR to tire myself out, but then I'm too tired to play DDR so I do nothing and just stay frustrated.

I wonder how long a post can be, is there a set limit on letters or lines or something. theoretically, could I just rant forever, forsaking any and all friendships I have and losing my job just to fulfill my curiosity about this topic? should I just copy and paste the Matthew Good wikipedia entry over and over and over and over and over and over and over so that people can at least be educated by me lame ranting post? maybe I should be cleaning or I should re-arrange my room. Re-Arranged was the best song Limp Bizkit ever made. Futurama was very under rated. new e-mail for me. it's my daily dilbert comic strip. yes, I like Dilbert. though, the TV show wasn't that great. not as good as Futurama thats for damn sure. though, Futurama was ball sweat compared to Duckman, THAT was a great show!

should I eat breakfast now? or should I wait until after I call in to work and then maybe fall asleep and then eat? I wish Friends or Star Trek was on (but not the original Star Trek or that newest one) I think I'm gonna get up and wander around the house for a few minutes.

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Mattress toppers (preferably down ones) are the best, bought one about a year ago because I was sleeping on a futon for 6 months or more. In highschool I did the whole 3-4hrs of sleep a night and at one point started not sleeping at all...I feel your pain, mine was due to stress...maybe yours is too?


Either way I hope it gets better soon, goodluck

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Embrace insomnia and it will one day help you kill a thousand barbarians in their sleep, as they make camp overnight in a frigid mountain pass. With a little paring knife.

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