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Hospital Music Survivor Round Seven

Vote Off The Song You Like Least  

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  1. 1. Vote Off The Song You Like Least

    • 1. Champions of Nothing
    • 2. A Single Explosion
    • 4. 99% Of Us Is Failure
    • 5. Born Losers
    • 6. Odette
    • 7. Black Helicopter
    • 8. The Boy Come Home
    • 13. I'm A Window
    • 14. She's In It For The Money

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I could finally hear the whole album ;)

it's taken me time, I know... I was nervous to see (read) that all of you already knew the album and I didnt!!!


And I can finally say that after listening to it twice (maybe things will change when I listen to it more) my favorite one is the loooooong wonderful "Champions of nothing", the first one. It reminds me SO MUCH of my two favorite ones from MG ever ("The rat who would be king" and "Blue skies over bad lands"): long song, great lyrics, many instrumental/solo parts... I love it :angry:


I voted, then, for this one!

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