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Google toolbar to kill popups, Nod32 active anti-virus software. When I do get something or I'm working on someone else's system, I use Ad-Aware, Spybot, and HijackThis to remove it. HijackThis can be dangerous because most of what it finds is not malicious, and you can kill your OS by removing them.

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I alsoused CWShredder. It only removes CoolWebSearch, but it's something that I and several people I know have picked up a few times, and it is particularly difficult to kill, even by manually ripping it out of the registry.

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sorry, i thought that since you used linux you were smarter then the average computer user (which you more then likely are) but still, you can get ad/spy/virus's in any kind of OS. There is just more for Windows since, well, 90% of the world uses Windows.

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Tis true...I've got a few more to test in the next couple weeks I'll let you know what I think of them later on.


I use:


Spybot SD



Firefox Popup Blocker (add-on)

Firefox Flashblock (add-on to block Flash, it'll load it if you click on it)


Plus I have a router with hardware firewall built in, also flashed it with DD-WRT IOS to make it more secure.

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