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Firefox Browser?

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Ok, so, I used to have a PC and used Windows and IE for my web broswer. I now have a Macbook and currently use Safari as my browser, which I like a lot better then IE. I have heard good things about Firefox, but does anyone on here use it, and how do you like it? If I download it, would it replace Safari, or would I just have two web browsers?

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im a mac user on safari and the speed is fucking fine.



what is it with people trying to shave .002 seconds off their day by having pages load faster?

I initially switched because Safari was crashing every once in a while and it was annoying me. There are a lot of little features that make Firefox more appealing, which I liked, so I didn't go back.

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nerds. fucking nerds.




seriously though... the brower determines download speed? i thought it was ram and all that other shit. i noticed that once my computer had 3gb everything was faster.



speaking of porn, i had a female client come in today and every chance she got, she was talking about internet porn. she definetly got a few extra minutes of my attention

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I'm using Safari 3.0.3. I'm liking it. I like the fast load time of the App.. I have to wait a few seconds for Firefox to start. Safari and Firefox should have comparable. Apple's web site (http://www.apple.com/safari/) claims Safari 3 to be faster overall.


The biggest things that the browser does for speed is use of cache, and use of HTTP 1.1 pipelining. IE has used parallel connections (up to 7) for speed in the past, but each connection incurs a setup and tear-down cost of the link. Firefox uses pipelining, and to an extent will parallel, this leads to faster load times. Safari in past used to use strictly pipelining, which is why it was fast, but not the fastest. I don't know what Safari 3 is doing.


Other reasons to use Firefox is DOM compliance. Firefox has the most standard implementation of WC3's standards on HTML rendering. As such when going to a website that is WC3 compliant Firefox is the most likely to correctly render it.

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