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Hospital Music Survivor: Round Eight

Vote Off The Song You Like Least  

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  1. 1. Vote Off The Song You Like Least

    • 1. Champions of Nothing
    • 2. A Single Explosion
    • 4. 99% Of Us Is Failure
    • 5. Born Losers
    • 6. Odette
    • 7. Black Helicopter
    • 8. The Boy Come Home
    • 13. I'm A Window

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I like both Odette and Black Helicopter. That said, I voted Odette and will probably vote Black Helicopter next (depending on what song actually gets voted out this round).

She's In It For The Money should have stayed longer, but oh well. As long as Champions and 99% are the final two I won't think anyone's crazy.

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I really, really do love "Odette" ...but not as much as "Black Helicopter."



I'm just gonna go ahead and vote off "I'm a Window." Of all the tunes left, this is the only one that continues to stagnate in terms of quality, IMO. It's a good song and all, but I question its staying power...




this is getting really difficult. I honestly didn't expect to be voting off IaW so soon.

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