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Demo/rarities List

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Hi guys,


I'm looking for a list of all the Matthew Good/Band demos & rarities that ya'll know of that are NOT on any of his official releases nor on those pre-MGB demos (Broken, Euphony, Left Of Normal, 15 Hours....)


I know a lot of them have been here in the NF store & I'm looking for a definitive list.



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i'll probably miss a couple, but i'll do my best:


1.) Cant get shot

2.) If I was A Tidal Wave

3.) Breath of a Nation

4.) Keira-ann (spelling?)

5.) Annabelle

6.) Dusk

7.) Comfortable Criminals

8.) All Together

9.) free download

10.) Agoraphobe

11.) 4 minute mile (only live)

12.) bon tempo tracks (they all suck, except maybe "bespin the betrayal")


there are probably more but this is off the top of my head...what ever happened to that song that was on the casette that Geoff had anyways? Do we have that one yet? Hope this helps

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- 4 Minute Mile (only available on live bootlegs, it was used as a sort of intro for Hello Time Bomb... I suspect many of its elements were re-worked into Ex-Pats of The Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra, released on White Light Rock & Roll Review)

- Apparitions [Acoustic] (from some Charity album, NOT In A Coma)

- Deep Six [u.S. Mix]

- Everything Is Automatic [u.S. Mix]

- Strange Days [u.S. Mix]

- Flashdance II [Early Mix] (combines Flashdance II and The Man Frokm Harold Wood into on track and the intro bit is extended)

- Pony Boy [unmastered Demo] (this was leaked in 2003 and is the version that might have potentially ended up on Audio Of Being, for whatever reason Matt chose to add and remove certain elements before putting it on In A Coma)

- All Together [unmastered Demo] (same as above)

- All Together [Mastered] (this was only available as a bonus track on Itunes pre-orders of In A Coma... I have never been able to get a hold of this version to see if it, like Pony Boy, has had any other changes made to it)

- Tripoli [infected Mix] (a promo track for Audio of Being where Matt is purposely rambling over it)



Matthew Good (Solo)

- Comfortable Criminals (Avalanche b-side)

- Annabelle (Avalanche b-side, remixed around the White Light-era and given to Amnesty as a download for charity)

- Dusk (White Light-era b-side)

- Alert Status Red [Early Mix] (I still don't know where this is from so it could be fan-made... it's got a short soundbite at the beginning about 'taking a trip to the moon'.

- If I Was A Tidal Wave [Demo] (released before the Hospital Music recording sessions on Matt's myspace)

- Breath Of A Nation (this is only available on live bootlegs. Was first played in Ottawa at the free acoustic show)

- Keira-Anne (only partially available on Raymi's youtube clip)

- Can't get Shot In The Back... (Hospital Music b-side)

- Can't Get Shot In The Back... [Early Mix] (This is the demo from the pre-White Light Rock & Roll Review sessions)

- Coming Out In Purple [Distortion Mix] (released on the History Teacher bootleg)

- Empty Road [Acoustic] (this is just the audio from a video made of Matt recording the song in the studio for the White Light sessions)

- Girl In The War (audio from the video he's hosting on his site)

- I Am Not Safer Than A Bank [Demo] (hosted on the site pre-Hospital Music session)

- Lullaby For A New World Order [Acoustic] (hosted as a bonus track on the House of Smoke & Mirrors website)

- Near Fantastica [Acoustic] (a free gift offered to the members of the Metro messageboard community)

- Near Fantastica [Radio Edit] (this is essentially the original version of the song which Matt extended for inclusion on Avalanche).

- Weapon [instrumental] (bonus track, House of Smoke & Mirrors)



Bon Tempo

- The Bon Tempo EP (which includes: Daddy's Got A Brand New Van, Corporate America, Bespin The Betrayal, No. 9, Slow & Low, Subjugate Me, Reprise)

- Jack & Merle

- Angry White American

- Nuke Pep Squad

- Portrait Of An Artist In The Jungle


** Note: Everything except the EP has not been stated to be a Bon Tempo project... but its essentially Matt dicking around with his recording equipment so I included it here.




- Seriously, Serious

- Agorophobe (this demo has been reworked more than twice by Ryan Dahle and will most likely appear on his next release)

- Free Download


** Note: I suspect a demo version of The Devil's In Your Details may also have been put together around the same time as these. When these songs were released they were given track numbers with Seriously, Serious being the 1st, Agorophobe being the 2nd, and Free Download being the 4th. The 3rd track remained unreleased.



I'm probably still missing a few things... his live covers and extended or altered versions of songs he's played live but I thought I'd stick to professional or semi-professionally recorded material.

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4 minute mile is a who cover..there is a full version around here somewhere...


there are a few random covers(ac/dc) 1999(prince) i'm missing a couple I think....



really really recommend finding the acoustic version of near fantastica. the song itself is awesome, the acoustic version has a new verse at the start that is magic. Also an acoustic version of empty road is night and day. I like the wlrr version but acoustic especially if you can find the later avalanche tour versions where he was playing empty road during the encore....really good. worth the 9 hour drive to see in person.

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theres a slow version of the future x-rated that is awesome...really spacey sounding. i like it the best of his slow version songs


i remeber i got to see him for the first time at the niagara wine tasting festival along time ago and i drank and ive never really drank wine before or really anything for the matter, not really a big drinker but i said what the hell and he played that song and i was so smashed off the wine and with the lightshow and the people everywhere and the slow song it was a really really cool feeling of being there in the atmosphere.


thank god for bootlegs

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Has anyone heard Seriously Serious? I really like this song, it's so different!

Here are the Lyrics...


Let's play chess not checkers

Win that free time back

I'm seriously serious

What can I do in this comic strip?

Vaccinate your sadness


Her thumb's on the one and she's dialed 91

Her thumb's on the one and she's dialed 91

Nobody trusts me around here

How come

Nobody trusts me around here

How come noone trusts me around here?





Have a good time [x6]

Make sure you have a good time


The enemy arrives

Sit silent

Turn off the news

Sit silent [x2]

I don't know what it is -- to survive

Freeze it in the fridge

Capture it alive

Freeze it in the fridge

Capture it alive

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