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Champions Of Poultry?

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speaking of this song the first few times I'd heard this song this part...


There's something in the way you move

That makes me catch a cold


I was thinking it was to imply that he got shivers which I took to be like a positive feeling. like the first time you see a pretty girl or guy, ya know. and I couldn't really put it together with the next line


There's something in your 'too cool for school'

When you slide up and down my pole


but it caught today for some reason...I kinda liked it before...whatever this song fucking rocks if it was about iguana's working at superfresh.

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listened to it again. I think i can hear children laughing and/or screaming during a small part of it. The rest still sounds like a swarm of pidgeons clucking.

that's what I thought I heard the first time: children laughing or something... but the other kinda of noise... I can't identify it! ;)

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talking about this song... I need some help ;) (typical question of a non-native speaker of English...):


what do they say at the beginning and also in some parts of the song with that kinda 'metalic voice' or 'telephone voice'? Can anyone please write those words for me here?


Thanx a lot!

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