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Abbreviated Celebrity Couple Names

When people abbreviate celebrity couple names you feel:  

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  1. 1. When people abbreviate celebrity couple names you feel:

    • Like stabbing an infant because it irritates you so much
    • Really annoyed, but not quite at that infant stabbing level
    • Kind of annoyed with it but mostly don't care
    • It is great that you will never again have to take the time to say two whole names again
    • that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread

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I was just looking on IMDBs boards after watching the season 3 finale of The Office and found people referring to the whole Jim & Pam dynamic and "JAM" and just felt like this is probably the stupidest cultural fad of all time and wanted to hear your thoughts.

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lauren. you explained in detail why the names are combined to form one name. how else could you have possibly meant it that could have been explained more clear?

i didn't mean it all pretentiously. i guess its one of those times where the internets mistranslate things.

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