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The Scarriest Mental Picture I've Ever Had

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"I recently prosecuted a case where a man stabbed his wife to death. Normally, that would be murder. However, the accused had a history of mental illness (schizophrenia and alcohol dependence), as well as a history of uncontrolled diabetes. In fact, his diabetes was so bad that both his legs had been amputated - he had actually killed his wife by crawling up to her while she was sleeping and stabbing her."

-taken from a letter sent to PWtorch.com in regards to the finding that Chris Benoit had brain damage-


seriously though, am I alone in finding this an exceptionally creppy mental picture?

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I've stopped paying attention to the news for this reason. most news is bad news and it's not healthy to be preoccupied with things like that. it says somehting about your state of mind, that you choose to represent these articles. it's what you most deeply value'


I used to like watching the taliban videos, where they'd cut off hostages heads.

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it was just something I stumbled across. it's not like I was sitting there and though "hm, I wonder what sick, fucked up shit I can find, read and jerk off to on the internet today"

though, I do like how you immediately think that it is a reflection of my state of mind.

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