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Pj Harvey's New Album...

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Oh, thats right, I remember...

you have my most-sincere pity...


do you live on an island or something?

No, just in the middle of nowhere, There's a high number of old people here too, so I guess they don't really need high speed internet...


basically it was dial up or satellite internet, and my parents picked the second (which we're going to upgrade once we sell our old house)

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Hit the "free" button

on the next page enter the letter/number combination in the box and hit the button and then it will pop up a box for the download

thanx a lot ;)


I did already and downloaded it... it sounds a bit weird... not really what I expected from PJ Harvey... she sounds like an opera singer :angry:

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I guess I will have to listen to it more... but the first impression I got was: dissappointment... I suppose I was expecting something like "stories from the city..." or "to bring you my love" and obviously this new one doesnt have to do anything with them

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