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When I say spiritualism I mean 'focusing your mind/actions in a certain way to achieve specific results.' i.e. What do you consciously do in order to make yourself happy, improve your state of mind and well being. Everyone should have something to say. Most of us are at the age where our lives are, at best, a third or forth of the way over. Considering that your highest moral purpose should be your happiness, hopefully you've learned something by now. I want to know what everyone has objectively learned. I'm not asking about religion and I don't want to get into another religious debate. If you happen to be a Christian, or whatever, and you've had spiritual experiences, tell me what you've objectively learned about spiritualism. Don't tell me what yo'uve learned about Christianity etc. The word is most commonly (and negatively) associated with religion, but it's not confined to just that. So don't assume from the title that you have nothing to say in this thread.

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Hmm i guess I don't have much in the way of focusing my mind, except that when I get stressed out I like to go for a run. In terms of getting my mind focused on something I need silence and time alone, just time in a room with silence to think. Also, coffee, or tea, something about this combination helps me think lol.

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well that's what I'm talking about. when I said "focusing your mind" I didn't necessariy mean meditation, although there's something to be said for that.


You knew that running would improve your well being, so you chose to do it, and you subsequently felt better. that's philosophical spiritualism. I'm not sure there's anything we know more about, as far as how to improve well-being, than exercise=good. exercise causes huge psychological improvement. some of the happiest times of my life have been brought about partly by exercise.


running helps me think. coffee does as well, although I find that as much as coffee helps me focus, it makes me tired and unfocused later.

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