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found it


she's just kind of..there. like everyone else was supposed to be wearing something skimpy. her dancing reminds me of your aunt who has had too much to drink at the family reunion.


awkwardly dancing, talking about how she knows what the kids are into.

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she's not fat, and she has given birth to two children, I don't think she should be dressing like she did in "hit me baby one more time."


and I am the first guy that is saddened when I see girls killing themselves when they are trying to be like the models in the magazines. I say to be yourself.

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ok so she's totally not feeling that, but her tits look fantastic.



i didn't watch the vmas. i heard the foos had a hotel suite or something like that? i tried to watch the clips of it on mtv.com, but you need to be within the united states to do that for some reason...


who hosted the show?

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