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Songs That Make You Get Emotional

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Do you have a song that makes you get emotional anytime you listen to it? Do you have a song that makes you cry (for happines, for sadness, for whatever...) when you listen to it?


I have a song from all times that makes me get emotional anytime I listen to it. Sometimes it makes me cry because I'm sad; others times it gives me a different feeling and my tears are for happiness... That song is "Somebody" by Depeche Mode.


What's yours?

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Between The Bars - Elliott Smith

The Good Old Days - The Libertines

Anti-pop (It's the line "You're not my girl, You're just tired")

David Usher - Black Black Heart

Near Fantastica

Pilate - Overrated



There's alot of stuff that doesn't remind me of anything, just has lyrics that I intensly like (Metric - Love is a place. "The sun becomes her, He agrees")


There's probably more I'll think up...


EDIT: I'm going to list a couple that bring back some very good memories:


Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

Black Sabbath - Ironman

The Clash - Janie Jones

MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit ;)

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Matt Good:

Blue Skies


Hunting Rabbits



Prime Time


Born To Kill

Running For Home

All Together


Pearl Jam:






Present Tense

Off He Goes

Come Back


The Tragically Hip:

Fiddler's Green


Toronto #4

It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken

Are We Family


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Something Corporate - Konstantine

Counting Crows - Perfect Blue Buildings

The Eagles - Desperado

Don Henley - Annabel

Lexicon Artist - A Dog Named Happy

Matthew Good - All Together

Matthew Good - The Fine Art of Falling Apart

Matthew Good - Sort of a Protest Song

Matthew Good - Running for Home


Probably more that I've forgotten.

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