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New compilation CD from Garbage


Garbage - Absolute Garbage Greatest Hits (2007)


1. Vow

2. Queer

3. Only Happy When It Rains

4. Stupid Girl

5. Milk

6. #1 Crush

7. Push It

8. I Think I m Paranoid

9. Special

10. When I Grow Up

11. You Look So Fine

12. The World is Not Enough

13. Cherry Lips

14. Shut Your Mouth

15. Why Do You Love Me

16. Bleed Like Me

17. It s All Over But The Crying


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First two albums were awesome. Afterwards they just suck.

It's just as well I was forced to get a daft CD that combines both of them when trying to buy Version 2.0. Our HMV has a proper shite selection.


I liked their debut; yet to hear anything past that (well, besides the popular singles).


Shirley's nice to look at too.

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From Wiki;


In a November 2008 interview, when asked about the aborted Geffen release, Manson said: "I had taken some of my solo music into the record label. They didn't really care for the direction I was moving in and I found it really disheartening. They wanted a pop hit, which I understand in terms of making money. I get that. But what they were going to ask of me was something I wasn't prepared to deliver and I felt kind of trapped. I just stopped writing. I just stopped. It was stifling. "
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