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Cake Vs Pie

Cake or Pie?  

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I love both, I make both....but cake wins because of my great-grandmother's homemade chocolate cake, with hershey's frosting, it's my favorite...I made it for the girl for her birthday, right after we started dating...now I get asked to make them for everyone.

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I'm really offended that ice-cream is not included...



that said, I'm a cake eater. it's too easy to fuck up a pie, but cake and frosting is almost always good


also i agree with come random's estimate of cheese cake

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cake. cheesecake is cake, and there is no pie known to man better than cake of the cheese variety.

Unless if it's made by someone who is on a sugar free diet, who doesn't notify you of this until everyone has sat down with a big slice of it.


True story.

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Coconut cream pie is friggin amazing, but doesn't really have a crust and thus I dunno if it fits into the standard definition of "pie." Furthermore, key lime pie is one of my all time favourite desserts, but despite this, I still picked cake, because cake is consistantly delicious and amazing, whereas there's lots of gross and sub-par pies.

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I was waiting for someone to say that. Haha. Should have known it would be you!

you should have known... but I still love ya.

besides, for all I knew, maybe pie wasn't a slang term for vagina in Israel and you wouldn't have understood anyway.

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Cake is more special occasion, "I really can't deal with all this cream/frosting, but once, twice, three times, is Okay," kind of thing.


Pie, on the other hand, can be for breakfast, projects, dinner, makeup...The list is endless.


I really can't deal with all the heaviness of cake.

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