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Across The Universe

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So, anyone else catch "Across The Universe"?


Possible spoilers ahead, if you don't want to know what songs are played.





Pretty much similar in concept to Moulin Rouge, except all Beatles songs.


Some parts seemed rushed, irrelevant, and poorly executed,


but largely, I was happy with it, just to see the treatment of music. The cast all sang well, with the exception of characters of Lucy and Sadie.


The two lead male roles were perfect, Jim Sturgess as Jude was awesome. Not to bring up the Moulin Rouge thing again, but he sounds very similar to Ewan McGregor. And he looks uncannily (probably purposefully) like a young Paul McCartney.


Wished they didn't stick Bono in there. He was distracting with his very distinct singing voice/style.


And of course, "Hey Jude" was amazingly done. "Strawberry Fields Forever", and "Come Together" were also outstanding.


If you're a fan of Beatles music, I would definitely suggest giving it a go. I grew up with the stuff (my mum played it all the time), and it totally made me happy like a little kid.

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I have absolutely no desire to see this and I love The Beatles.

How come you're not interested at all? I'm not trying to be confrontational or anything, I'm genuinely interested in knowing what about the trailers/ads/reviews made you *not* want to see the movie?

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I saw it today....

It was amazing. It was one of those movies that reminds me why I love movies...


It is a very, Very, VERY visual movie, so if you have any desire to see it, try to do so on a big screen...

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