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Questions To U Peeps Who Live In B.c./vancouver

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I have some friends from the U.S. who live in California. They are looking at moving to Canada because of the shitty healthcare in the U.S., and they want to move somewhere close to Cali ie: Vancouver or Southern B.C.


So they have questions:


- Where are some nice cities/places in south B.C. to raise a family & for work?


- Is Vancouver or Van suburbs a decent place to raise a family? (i've heard of high drugs problems etc.)


- What is the weather/seasons like in southern B.C.? My California friends like their hot weather so they're looking for a warmer place with little or no snow & as much sun as possible (this may rule out Vancouver lol). Ie: how cold does it usually get in southern B.C. in the winter?

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Vancouver rains a lot, but it's not super cold. Summers are pretty nice and warm.


Maybe I'm biased, but I was born and grew up in Richmond and it was really nice. Nice neighborhoods, not too far a drive from Vancouver (20-30 minutes).


When it snows it's nothing horrifying like in Coquitlam. Vancouver and Richmond don't get too much snow, tops like 5-10 cm?


If you can afford it, living in Kits would be awesome...Such a nice area.


As for drugs...iono...lots of weed I guess?


Ha, sorry, I don't think I was much help...

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Muran, thank you. What is the average temperature during the day in Vancouver or Richmond during the winter? Here in Ottawa its usually about -10 celcius.


And you're saying it gets 5-10cm tops TOTAL snowfall during the winter? damn thats not alot. I'm guessing it usually melts within a day anyways.

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oh haha dude, no, whenever we have a "snow storm", that's usually what it is. Iono, I think annually, we get like 35-40?


Average temperature in the winter? Err...ahhh...Cold? XD Doesn't go into the minus too often I don't think...I think it sticks around 3 or 4 C?

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East Vancouver is a bit dodgy...Some people got shot up in a drug dispute 3 houses down the street (I think someone had a Mac-10 or something because there was a shitload of bulletholes in the door, anyway...)


So we moved to North Vancouver, which is pro. Occasionally you get little douches with too much money and lots of drugs, with nothing better to do than go around gang-beating people. But as long as you're not walking around alone, late at night, around some Persian house party, you'll be Okay :/.

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