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Can I Use A Whammy Bar With This Guitar?

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hey now, this thread is supposed to be about whammy's!! just kidding.


Ok i didn't think this had a slot for a whammy. I like the Ibanez because i play mostly hard rock & metal.


What i'm looking for in a guitar is a black Ibanez electric that has 24 frets, a whammy bar, dot inlays on the fretboard (as opposed to those fancy lightning bolts etc.), and 2 pickups/hambuckers (i don't like having a pickup in the middle as it interferes with my strumming). And its gotta be at a decent price preferebly (ie: $150-350 range).


Can anyone find me a guitar like that? I've found one but it only has 22 frets.

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ltd probably also has something similar in the same price range.


edit: however, all the ones in that price range i've seen from schecter and ltd that have a floyd rose (tremelo) aren't mahogany, like the one you posted. they're all agathis or basswood. i dunno about ibanez.

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