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Americans are such hypocrites, I still can't get over the fact that they can't say "fuck" and can't show a nipple but heads being cut off is completely fine. They need to get over it. In Europe and even in here, there's no problem with that kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure it's also diffferent in Cananda?

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Hmm i dunno. Would most other major channels (NBC, ABC etc.) have bleeped out "god damn" too? Probably. But i find it weird & disturbing that they just didn't bleep her instead of cutting away entirely.


It wasn't even that much of an anti-war/anti-bush speech, which is why the "god damn" excuse could be valid. We'll never know. The reason its a big controversy it because its FOX.

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Not even Americans really, I mean they are hypocrites yes, but FoxNews is such a right wing institution I can't watch because I'm afraid the ignorant dumb fucks may lower my IQ.


But needless to say the FCC is useless and censorship in media has become equally pointless.

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