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I Have A Vancouver Ticket For Sale!

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TO THE MODS: I really apologize for posting this here; I've posted it in the Marketplace forum here, on Matt Good's community forums, as well as on his blog comments, but I've gotten absolutely nothing so far. The concert is tomorrow and I know people need tickets! You can remove it if it's still around by showtime tomorrow.


I've got for sale one Matt Good ticket for his show at the Center for Performing Arts on September 20th. The seat is a center balcony ticket, row G--fairly close to the top of the venue, but it's not a massive hall--and cost me $42 including service charges, so that's what I'm asking for it. A friend of mine whom I bought a ticket for isn't able to go, so it's up for grabs.


This seat is next to my girlfriend and I and I'd like the ticket to go to a diehard MG fan who couldn't get tickets if possible. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested in the ticket.



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