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queens of the stone age

i think those are very apt names; they suit the bands very well. of course, out of context they're silly names.


i remember reading about QOTSA's name decision. kings of the stone age sounded far too masculine. the addition of "queens" makes it a little more feminine, or at least makes for an interesting juxtaposition. i think it also shows the dual nature to the band. they're committed to sounding very abrasive and heavy, while at the same time, want to be sexy and cool.


as far as i know, tool have always been very elusive about their name, but i just think it meshes with their sense of humour quite a bit. i think it's hilarious to see a person walk by with a tool shirt on, because a lot of them are just that.


similarly, people familiar with the band will be very aware of how maynard's lyrics always seem sortof geared towards several meanings. now obviously anyone's lyrics can be interpreted in any number of ways, but his seem as though they're written with this sort of 'loaded' quality, that they always push me to making at least two conclusions about what's going on in the lyrics of the song. usually those conclusions are complimentary. 'the pot' for example, alludes to the saying 'the pot calling the kettle black'; hypocrisy, as well as also alluding to marijuana, and people who blame their actions on a substance, as opposed to taking responsibility; hypocrites. their name functions in the same way.


i think my chemical romance is a stupid name, because it isn't subtle in the least.

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On the note of My Chemical Romance, I'd like to say Nightmare Of You is a really stupid name as well (what the emos that are too cool for My Chemical Romance listen to.)


I think I have a song by The The as well but I don't like them much (and they have a stupid name)


Also Ignixted and Hello Kelly are pretty bad for names (One of them was a local band from where I used to live, and the other one I saw when they came to the town I used to live in.)


And, google gave me a present to give to everyone, so that I don';t have to think of anything.



http://www.avclub.com/content/node/57488 (Tom Cruse Control? WHAT?)


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Tool is probably a name they came up with cause it sounded bad-ass to them, then they got popular for being sooooo different, they now claim that they put it on t-shirts and if you are going to be a dumb-ass corporate shill and wear their t-shirts, you are in fact, the tool.



Matthew Good is a stupid name. What the fuck is he trying to pull? Can't he just go with Matt?

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I have quite a lot that I absolutely find propostrous...this list isn't event complete:


The Artist Formerly Known As Prince

Goo Goo Dolls

The Guess Who

Hootie & the Blowfish

Insane Clown Posse

Jimmy Eat World


Limp Bizkit

Matchbox Twenty

Mr. Mister

Nine Inch Nails



Crazy Town

P. Diddy (and all the others he's had)

Papa Roach

Powerman 5000

Presidents of the United States of America

Reel 2 Real

The Scissor Sisters

Smash Mouth

System of a Down

The Tea Party

They Might Be Giants

Wide Mouth Mason


ZZ Top

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