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Zombies Vs Vampires

Who do you like better as a monster?  

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  1. 1. Who do you like better as a monster?

    • Zombies
    • Vampires

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This isn't a matter of who would win in a fight and this isn't a matter of who is more intelligent. Obviously, a zombie would DESTROY a vampire in a fight and obviously a vampire is smarter. the real question is, who is cooler.

I vote vampire

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Zombies, cause they tend to group together, and when a group of zombies is after you, you are done.


Vampires are too independent, and they have to seduce their victims in their dark castles. and i don't know everything about what it takes to survive as a vampire, but if they need to suck blood to survive, thats a problem, cause Zombies don't NEED to eat human flesh, they just like it.

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i said zombies, here are my reasons:


1 - zombies are harder to kill, 'cause there's like 294743 theories for how you should kill a zombie.

2 - vampires don't carry around the sorts of weapons it would take to kill a zombie

3 - even though zombies are slow, they can fuck shit up.

4 - zombies could easy trap a vampire in a dark room and then at 2 pm open the doors to blind that mother fucker to death

5 - even considering the fact that i've been called a vampira many,many times... i just have a thing for zombies.

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