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If You Don't Play An Instrument

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someone who i used to talk to about music a lot on the bus ride to and from school once asked me if i played any instruments. i said no (this was before i started noodling on guitar). she said it was strange for someone to be so into music and not actually play an instrument. so, you boreders who don't play anything, and are super into music (you do, after all, post on a board for ueber-fans)...why not?

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I could never find an instrument I could pick up well enough to feel like I was even playing anything at all.


I took up violin at a young age, hated it, and finally was allowed to quit. In the long run, I wish I hadn't, because now that I'm older, I have a great appreciation for string instruments, and would like nothing better than to take it up again. But unfortunately, violins are very expensive :angry:


I'd also love to take up an erhu, but where the fuck am I going to find an erhu and someone to teach me how to play it >.<


I have an acoustic guitar at home, but I have ridiculously tiny fingers, and it's just not working out ;)


Guitarfreaks/Guitar Heroes, Drum Mania...very satisfying for all those who aren't really good at instruments :angry: Makes you feel hardcore everytime :angry:

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One's appreciation of music does not give one any musical talent...that was a stupid comment (on her part)

as much as i hate to defend her (fucking ice princess), she didn't say anything about talent.


and muran: i don't no nuffin' bout no violins, but daisy rock's got your back on the little girly fingers thang:


girly guitars for girly people

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You can actually order beginner bass kits almost anywhere, for around $120. They come with a bass and a preamp.


http://www.musiciansfriend.com is a pretty good site. I've bought from them a number of times, as far as small things. I got my Goddaughter's christmas presents a few years ago from them. A drumset and an electric guitar package...combined it was like $300 w/free shipping.

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