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Silent Army In The Trees

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hey kids, do these lyrics sound right?

Starting off, I'd like to say that I adore this song. Listening to Matt play this song on the 18th, I was wondering if this was the new song I'd heard about. Turns out I was right. It has a passion about it.


Well, listening to the .mp3 that Bladeso has provided (thank you for that, Bladeso), there are several discrepancies in the lyrics that I noticed (for example, the line "Wore camouflage" has "on Halloween" at the end). Considering that this song has no "official" studio version and is only played live at this point, it won't be easy to transcribe perfect lyrics. Matt is bound to change up conjunctions and even entire lines each time he plays it.

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I hear a couple of discrepancies (from the recording in the NF Store). Edits in braces:


What will you find, where will you be?

When you got to trade for company

Those {plastic} guns {and} infantry

For a silent army in the trees




At night it's cold

We sit and freeze

Running red lights in our Humvees

Never thought I'd live to see see the day, I'd be

Afraid of little kids playing in the {street}



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