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Halifax Show

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Wasn't sure if anyone here (other than Chris) is from Halifax or going to the Marquee show but I figured I'd make a thread anyway.



The concert times have changed for those who are unaware. Instead of doors opening at 10:00pm they now open at 9:00pm, and Dala come on at 9:30pm. MG takes the stage at 10:15pm. Basically everything has been bumped ahead by an hour.

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i'm real bad at remember set lists. what was that countryish song he did, that started out with "g" "g" "g"...and had the lyics "i've been slandered, libeled.." etc.?


edit: just googled it: keep the customer satisfied by simon and garfunkel


edit2: did you get pics?! i didn't ;)

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Ya, no pictures. Wasn't sure about their policy still so I didn't bother to bring my camera.


What'd you think of the show? I thought it was pretty awesome. Great setlist! Played a lot of the fan favourites. It seemed pretty noisy at times but I think that was just because of the layout of the Marquee. The two giant bars are so close to the stage area that it makes it seem like people were less respectful than they were. Matt seemed to have a good time anyway and still played a 5 song encore so it couldn't have been that bad.

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i hated the crowd. there were a lot of noisy drunks. i wish he'd played somewhere with theater style seating. still, it didn't ruin it for me. made it hard to hear his rambling between songs, but when he started singing/playing i could hear him just fine ;) his comments about the big screen were funny (using it to guage his drunkeness, and imagining having one in the bedroom).

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haha yeah that was funny about the big screen.. There were some annoying people there.. there was this one girl beside us that just wouldn't shut up man she was annoying.. I got the setlist from the sound guy


Intro Firebird

I'm not safer than a bank

champions of nothing

strange days

load me up

born losers


silent army in the trees

black helicopter

she's in it for the money

sort of a protest song

I'm a window

99% of us are failure

in a world called catastrophe

primetime deliverance




north american for life (to which he forgot the first verse)


pledge of allegiance

fine art of falling apart


and somewhere in there he played keep the customers satisfied and I can't remember where.


awesome show though a good two hour performance

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Yeah, he played "Keep The Customer Satisfied" during the encore right before "True Love Will Find You In The End" which was actually played right before "The Fine Art of Falling Apart".


I think he ended up playing "Suburbia" or "Pledge of Allegiance" before the encore.



Edit: Ya I woulda been pissed if I were you, Chris. I bet the crowd would have been really loud where you were. I was on the other side around the tables closest to the stage. Everyone there was entranced by the performance and I could hear everything perfectly. You noticed the crowd bantering but it wasn't overwhelming at all.

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he put up one of the shots he took of the crowd. i swear i can just make out my hat way off to the right, in the back. i had a better view from up there in the table section, than i did up closer by the sound board.


edit: gawd fucking dammit! i swear the girl of my dreams/nightmares is right there in the front of the crowd! i thought i saw her walk by earlier in the night, but i shrugged it off as just me seeing shit. fuck.

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