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Montreal Anyone?

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Awesome show, Matt was funny as hell as he always is. He kept wanting to drink something and asked the bar tender for a martini. After waiting a while he was pointing to his opened mouth saying "driky for Matty".


I think the alcohol was getting to him a bit because he kept forgetting words or mixing up lines.


Anyhow, we had a lot of fun.


Except those fucking assholes who kept walking through the crowd, they were annoying as fuck. I almost kicked the guy who gives out drinks because he pushed up to get us out of the way everytime he walked by us (and strangely enough, he always walked between me and my friend...)


Matt introduced She In It for The Money by saying "this song is about girls who like expensive purses and the (synonym of idiot which I can't remember) who buys them" and then pointed himself which was pretty funny.


He also said he was going to drink more and more and become worst and worst: "actually I'm not gonna know I suck, you may walk out of here and burn every CD I've ever made but I'll walk out of here thinking I was the king. But I don't care you've already paid".


That's me in the picture right there!!!


I can't remember the exact order of the setlist (and maybe I forgot songs but I don't think I did) but it was comprised of


Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird

I'm a Window

99% Of Us Is Failure

Born Losers

Load Me Up

Strange Days

Silent Army In The Trees

Black Helicopter

Advertising on Police Cars

She's In It For The Money

Sort of a Protest Song







North American For Life

Prime Time Deliverance

Champions Of Nothing

The Fine Art Of Falling Apart


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