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Futurama Movie Trailer!

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is this "Bender's Big Score"?


I bought it weeks ago but i haven't watched it yet, i just don't have the patience right now. i've been watching a lot of Futurama and South Park lately because i only want to sit for twenty minutes haha.

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I thought it was really cool how they had practically every character in the movie, like the GlobeTrotters, Al Gore, Santa. I thought it was pretty cute (especially for the possibility of a Fry/Leela relationship), but the fact that it is a movie and not a series of episodes makes it a lot better and easier to understand. If anyone here likes math you should also check out the math lecture on the dvd - it's MATHY!


To answer people's questions, they were supposed to have episodes (I remember because I still have a newspaper clipping from 2006 saying they'd air on Comedy Central in early 2008) but instead they are making 4 movies, each at about 90 minutes length. I am assuming since Comedy Central bought the rights to air Futurama episodes they are going to air the movies (possibly in episode form) after all of them are out.


I don't think Futurama is going to go the way of the Simpsons because as you probably know Groening barely works on the Simpsons anymore, whereas he was totally involved with this movie and will be with the next ones. Anything further probably depends on the commercial success of these dvds, but at least we got something... and the comics.

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