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I Am Legend

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Can't wait for this one to come out. Read the book and really enjoyed it. Probably my favorite post-apocalyptic story. It was really well done. Another good Vampire movie which I just heard about today is 30 Days of Night. Read that one too, hopefully they do a good job on that one too.




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Designate Posted on Oct 11 2007, 03:51 PM

  Jaden, are you Will's kid and just lied to us about your age? If so, I must say you're adorable.


Oh damn, my covers blown! ;)


Nah jk...it's only coincidence. I am a Will Smith fan though and I agree his son is adorable!

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I thought this movie was very much like 28days - the first 45 minutes were compelling and then it's like okay we don't have a good way to finish this off fuck it lets just do what everyone wants...I thought given the ending/last 30-40 minutes(from the meeting) was total bunk.


It's definitely a wait for video the theater didn't do anything it's a quiet movie.

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Actually the best line from the movie, "Alright you alien assholes.."

I disagree haha the best line was when Will was dragging that alien in the desert(ish) place and was like:

" I COULD HAVE BEEN AT A BBQ!!" and then ran back and starting kicking it again lol.

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It was an okay movie. But it was complete garbage compared to the book. They changed so many crucial things around to the point where it was barely recognizable in plot if you were to read the book and then watch the movie. I was kind of disappointed.

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