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Cold War Ii

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I realize this is lengthy, but it is really worth the read, im a subscriber to Zmag and when i read this I thought it was all too pertinent. I really hope you guys at least skim this, since the Iran situation seems to be heating up, with what could be horrific consequences.


Cold War II

Will the U.S. response to Iran

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my first though is: if you told me this over coffee, you would have passed out because of lack of oxygen.


after i finish reading it, i will give you my second though about the article, but now i am going for dinner.

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I really can't stomach Chomsky's unintelligible screeds. If his purpose is to inform the world, he should want to learn how to compose an essay - or even just a sentence - in a logical manner, so as to not lose the reader's attention in less than 5 seconds. I can't be expect to read that!


If the article is meant to say that one should be concerned about the present actions of the U.S in relation to Iran, I agree. There are too many parallels between the U.S. and Nazi Germany. Even if you disregard that, there are too many parallels between the 2002/3 Bush administration and the 2007 Bush administration.



In recent years, and to this day, the U.S.'s had a policy allowing for "preemptive warfare" -- they will start war with anyone they feel will potentially start a war with them. Chomsky is right in viewing this as a fundamental problem with the U.S.'s foreign policy. This basically means they will start a war with anyone for whatever reason or whatever lack of reason. And with the government's amazing ability to control public opinion, I'd say there's a good chance there will be a War in Iran. It's not as if the population smartened up after the War in Iraq. How the gov't manage to control opinion is so simple that it's scary. It's very simple and effective psychology. Present someone with two options, of which one is more desirable than the other, the one you want them to choose!


Try it on a friend.It's fun.


Do you want to go see ( a crappy movie) or help me do (such and such).



You'd be surprised at how effective it is.

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Yah i find he's easy to understand. However, that has to be qualified. I make it my business to know what he's talking about, he often refers to things that unless you knew in what context he means it can be quite confusing. If you aren't familiar with international politics then you need to read up on that before diving on into Chomsky. He doesn't spell it all out for people, he writes in an at times sarcastic style, so he infers some crucial points that the reader is expected to know the surrounding history of. That being said, i dont think this is a weakness on his part, more of a weakness on ours for not looking up the things we're confused on.

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