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Control (the Ian Curtis Story)

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honestly, who would want to make a film about one of the most boring frontmen of all time?? he was epileptic, was in a band, wrote very sad song and killed himself while watching werner herzog. big deal!!! his bandmates are a helluva lot more interesting, and there's a lot more to tell about them too!!

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Yeah but they've got a great movie that covers that already. 24 Hour Party People told his story, however incompletely, and placed in in the bigger, more interesting and important context. The music wasn't Ian Curtis. Him being a drug addict was only because of their producer, which is interesting, but is more about him than Ian Curtis. He was just a monotonous frontman, at the right place at the right time, who died before he did anything truly great, but still somehow gets lumped in with your James Deans and your Kurt Kobains. It looks like they are trying to turn him into some romantic figure, an I just don't think he was.


I do enjoy Joy Division, and do think that their story, and also Ian Curtis' is somewhat interesting, but not a biopic worth of interesting.

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Overdramatization, the key to attracting the hearts and minds...oh who am I kidding, I mean the wallets, of millions of young people around the world.


After all, who cares if that celebrity lost a family member, sits at home and watches T.V. and likes to donate to charity, when we can either talk about the drug-caused suicide/overdose death and make up a fantastic story about how much sex and girls/boys they got, or about the rather annoying middle aged woman who spent 7 months in prison getting special treatment, or the happy-go-lucky ignorant pop princess that is so rich, she can afford to buy $600000 of useless items and waste her life.


I rather enjoy watching biographies on these celebrities, and watching the absolute emphasis on their "younger lives surrounded by ditzy girls".

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