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London Show?

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heres the setlist, fill in any i forgot, and the order isnt quite right:


- girl wedged under the front of a firebird

- champions of nothing

- avalanche

- load me up

- strange days

- black helicopter

- alert status red

- silent army in the trees

- apparitions

- 99% of us is failure (he sang the first verse with no guitar)

- born losers

- i'm a window

- she's in it for the money

- true love will find you in the end




- north american for life

- suburbia

- pledge of allegiance

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Just wanted to take a crack at the setlist order for the purists out there. The show was amazing and Matt sang really well despite the bronchitis.


Girl Wedged Under The Front Of A Firebird

Champions Of Nothing


Load Me Up

Strange Days

Born Losers

Silent Army In The Trees

Black Helicopters

Alert Status Red

I'm A Window

99% Of Us Is Failure (half-acapella for the first time)

She's In It For The Money


True Love Will Find You In The End




North American For Life


Pledge Of Allegiance


Also, if someone recorded this or has a bootleg of the show please msg me because I'd really love to have it!

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Yeah a Dala show would definitely be great. I love their album but they sounded a bit better live IMO.

Definately, way better live. They really let it all out, especially Amanda. These girls are going to go far as they arent as blande as one may think. The harmonies they synch up and the complimentary melodies are just, awesome. Especially when Amanda gets up up there and Sheilah is using her power.


I noticed this right around the intro song, Picture Perfect, when Amanda would sing the "who decides, world one sided" part.


On the alubm its just kind of -eh-


Check this out:


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no, i didn't bother...

although i'm going to 3 more shows, so if they are still opening then perhaps i'll tape them too

Alright cool, let me know if you do. I'll most likely be getting their Edmonton show from Sept 24, so I can hook that up in exchange or something.


Since they are amazing live, I wonder if they'll eventually get the question "are you an open taping band?"


Maybe we should have made a Dala thread, hehe.



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