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So I'm hoping this board is the right place for this topic, but annnyyway....


So I started posting on this board in anticipation of Hospital Music. Sort of. I had lurked before. Specifically, I had lurked 3 years ago.




So that thread was made in response to a cover of Everything is Automatic I attempted to do, which was up on my Xanga page at the time (I have since deleted the Xanga 4EVAR!!!)


Anyway as you can see it wasn't exactly recieved well. I admit it sucked a lot. And I got kind of pissed off. But in my defense, it was only my second time using multi-track programs and I was still learning how to record music. Plus I had a really shitty mic. And I wasn't nearly as good with my singing and guitar playing as I am now (though I still am not amazingly great). Still, I never listened to it again because the bored ruined it for me. ;)


Anyway...where am I going with this. Well for your listening enjoyment (or most likely something other than enjoyment) my old shitty cover of:


Everything is Automatic


Sucks right? I know. I know. I can barely listen to the whole thing without wanting to turn it off.


Anyway, I was just curious to see if anybody remembered it or me...especially Anton since it appears he was the one that actually posted on my Xanga and told me to come visit the bored.


And to supplement this and make me look less sucky




That's my current work. A cover of To Sheila by the Smashing Pumpkins and some original stuff. I've gotten a bit better in the last 3 years...I hope *crosses fingers*


So yeah, just thought I'd see if anyone remembered and I thought confronting this would make me feel a lot less like I need to be incognito when visiting the board, though now maybe I will have to be - moreso.


Oh and one more thing...when I met Matthew Good after the Buffalo show I asked him why he hates She's Got A New Disguise. He talked about how it's so old and he barely fucking remembers it. So I told him that I cover it at home and he says "There ya go. Keepin' it alive!"


So here's what I've done with that: She's Got A New Disguise


I've meant to do something a bit better, but this is all I have so far.

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Let me be the first to say I love your She's Got A New Disguise cover.


I usually don't like covers unless the artist sounds like he or she is putting their own spin on it. Your Everything Is Automatic cover is lacking because it sounds as if you're trying to sound like Matt. The other benefits because you're making it your own.

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Thanks for the compliments on the cover.


Yeah I uhh...I don't have a band and back then especially I was very limited in what I could do. That shitty cover was 3 years ago. But if you listen to stuff I do now I add some drums and other sound effects with the help of my father's motif keyboard. It sounds alright but not authentic of course. Eh, I do what I can. Recording straight up acoustics or piano is so much easier and takes a lot less energy. Plus I suck with drum loops.

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Well I mean, based on what I can do now, I look back on the old recording and I kinda cringe because it does sound kinda sucky in terms of the sound quality, but yeah I was so surprised to see a thread on a message board somewhere just bashing me. Some people were supportive which was cool, but the whole thread ruined the recording for me and I never listened to it again :b


But then maybe it pushed me to get better and learn how to use the programs better so perhaps it was all positive int he longrun! Who knows.

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Joe, give it a shot buddy. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised, as would we. I played both covers for one of my bandmates, (we've been rehearsing Everything is Automatic as my one turn at the mic) anns she said, and I quote..."If he plays bass, maybe we can replace you with him."

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