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St. Catharines (brock Show)

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nah. though it was a fucking fantastic show. it was also nice to get him to sign a couple copies of the Brock Press article i'd written on him.


so check the front page of the Press this week for a photo and a brief concert review, i think it's only around 100 words.

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i hope so, even matt said it was better than the toronto show, and he was in really good spirits.

He didn't necessarily say it was better - he just said that it was better in a technical sense - meaning that he felt his actual performance (hitting the notes, etc) was stronger in SC.


Having attended both shows, I'd give the bare edge to Massey, but they were just entirely different shows. SC had such an amazing intimacy that was completely absent (obviously) in Massey. But Massey felt like you were watching something happen, and was an amazing shared experience, despite the few flaws in the first half. Plus, "Fated" at Massey trumped everything at SC.


Having said that, I would still absolutely love a recording of SC (and wish I had decent equipment to have done it myself), but I think it's unlikely, particularly given the size of the audience.


I didn't record all of SC, but I did capture three songs on my digital camera. I still need to pull them off of my camera and convert them, but I hoping to upload them tomorrow night.

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