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X-Rated Truffle Pig

Toronto Show

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Best Matt Good concert ever.


What a show it was.


I'm not 100% sure of the setlist so I'll let someone else write it out, but its more of a matter of what he didn't play as opposed to what he did play.


Double Encore.


Show was being recorded by Duncan of OLP.


If I ever thought Born Losers was his best album to date, after this show, its only solidifies why it is the best album he's made.




Played for over 2 hours.

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was definitely a solid show. i liked his interaction with the crowd in guelph better, but he seemed very grateful toward the toronto audience, which is a first, haha. mongrels. if any of you the board ers were screaming "we love you matt" or "ladies and gentlemen, matthew good" ,"play indestructible" or anything else retarded, you should be banned.


p.s. i hope someone recorded the show. his performance of "fated" was fan-fucking-tastic.

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The opening songs were awesome, if maybe a couple of missed chords in there. But I thought the next third of the show was just okay. At the half-way point, I thought to myself that Saint Catharines was better, and was a little bummed that this was the show being recorded.


But not long after that, Matt was on. It was like all of the distractions went away, and the focus shifted to the songs. "Fated" was absolutely phenomenal. (I actually wondered at one point if Matt's early goofs were from being aware that the set was "supposed" to be perfect, given that it was being recorded.)


I think Matt's set clocked in at two hours, fifteen minutes.


Edited to add: I honestly wish that Matt at some point had just told those guys to be quiet - in a nice way, such that the suggestion would have taken. (Seriously, who yells "Give it up for Matt Good!!!" in the middle of a song?)

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yes, the guy that yells "give it up for Matt Good" in the middle of a song was just redonk.


did he want to get on the recording that bad.


and those other people.




"play indestruct..."


"play this or play that"




If you come to a concert please be quiet your ignorant bastards.


excuse my language.


and yes his mistakes were probably because he was trying to be so perfect. after some wine, they all went away.


his rant about Canadian Tire was awesome.

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I cried when he played fated, I can't lie. ALso, those retards were right behind me in the middle balcony, I was going to tell them to shut the fuck up or get out.. or stab them.


Unfortunately my camera died before I met mr.good, but I did see meg lol way up there.

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small update to setlist....Odette & PTD....

Matthew Good

October 26, 2007

Toronto, ON

Massey Hall











01. Intro>Girl Wedged

02. Strange Days

03. Load Me Up

04. Avalanche

05. Born Loser

06. I'm A Window

07. 99% Of Us Is Failure

08. Silent Army In The Trees

09. Black Helicopter

10. Alert Red Status

11. In It For The Money

12. Disk II *BAnter*

13. Generation X-Wing

14. Odette

15. Prime Time Deliverance

16. Champions OF Nothing

17. Apparitions

18. North American For Life

19. Suburbia

20. Pledge Of Allegiance

21. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

22. Metal Airplanes *Not Taped**

23. Advertising On Police Cars

24. Fated

25. True Love Will Find You In The End

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