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Toronto Show

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I was tired last night too, to be honest. I had two cups of coffee before I went on to try and perk myself up, but was just beat. I’d agree that St. Catharines was technically a far better performance, interestingly, I said as much to my manager as soon as I got off stage. But what’re you going to do? If you enjoyed yourself, that’s what it’s all about!

I think the last half of the Massey show gave it the edge. It might have been the intangibles, but I was just blown away.


I'm in the process of editing my recording of the show... i'll be throwing it on zomb as well when it's done...

Any chance folks could keep these running through the beginning of the week? (Selfish reasons - I'm not getting home until Monday.)


I flew up from Atlanta for St Catharines and Massey, and both shows exceeded expectations. Just an amazing couple of nights.

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The Oct. 18th show in Ottawa was amazing, but got one encore. The audience was cheering like mad before the 1st encore, and of course Matt came out for it. But after the the 1st encore was complete & Matt left the stage everyone in the audience immediately just got up & left the theatre. I wanted to keep standing & cheer my ass off, but maybe the fans tried for a 2nd encore at the Ottawa show the night before & knew Matt that you wouldn't come out.


But anyways, i knew you had been sick that week & another encore probably would have killed your throat. So i'm glad u got your rest.


Glad the Toronto fans had a blast. A live album or DVD would be great, or even a few free donwloads from TO show. Maybe us fans should try to put together a "best of" of all of Matt's songs he's done live.

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Spectacular show. Absolutely Spectacular. As mentioned a many times already, fated was the highlight and I've never been so moved by a performance. My only problem with the show unfortunately was that I could not make out most of what he was saying in between. I saw Matt last year, and loved his banter and ranting in between songs, and was very disappointed that I couldn't make out half of what he was saying. Anyone have this problem also? Or maybe was it just where I was sitting? (Second level, right side, very close to the end)

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Any way someone could tell me how to get a quicker download speed for this recording. At this point it says that I wont have the recording for another two weeks! LOL

its going to be very slow until more peeps finish downloading it or we all make our upload speeds higher. This file has 1 seeds & 13 leechers right now = SLOW!!!!

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What version of Flac are you using? I'm using 113b and for some odd reason it keeps giving me error messages. I can't find a newer version on the web. This happening to anyone else?



Also was 99% of us already converted to mp3 for other people? And was there GIANT holes in it? (I'm thinking I might need to download it again if no one else has these errors)

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