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Toronto Show

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please only make mp3's if it's for your own personal use.. for example... your Ipod.

to convert flac to wav files, you can use flac frontend. Then theres a million programs to convert wav to mp3.

ya right fuck that shit this is going straight to ebay. Just kidding, thanks so much (both of you) for putting this up!!


And to all of you: when you're done downloading keeping uploading/seeding for everyone else!

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Pledge Of Allegiance blew me away...Matt was In the moment for that song. beautiful.

That's the song that made me cry. It was beautiful. It has other meanings for me hence the tears, but beautiful nonetheless. Hope he plays it in Hamilton.


I have a connection to get backstage at Hamilton....sure hope she can follow through for me!!

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My only problem with the show unfortunately was that I could not make out most of what he was saying in between.

Honestly, I had this problem at both SC and Massey. It seemed like it happened more often when Matt was just winging it - when he had something specific in mind to talk about, it wasn't such a big deal. Plus, he kept himself (intentionally or not) open to audience comment, and sometimes the random comments from the crowd would interrupt his train of thought (or overpower what he was saying).

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One Massey vid:




Plus a few photos:


Massey Hall



BTW - the video is just okay - I was in the upper balcony. It's mostly unobstructed, but there's not much detail. Some of the pictures are a little better (I like this one).



3 vids and a few photos from Saint Catharines are in the Saint Catharines thread.

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Wow, I really hope that the article was supposed to be humourous and sarcastic, because by the sounds of it this guy wasn't at the same show as most of us! He clearly did not understand Matt's sarcasm and humour throughout his show and seems hell bent on portraying Matt in a negative light. I hope this gentleman is able to appreciate that many of the jokes that Matt tells are the same (or similar) from show to show and that its pretty much a "comedy" routine and not an "asshole" routine that is occuring between songs. I can't believe that he took the things that Matt was saying between songs in Toronto seriously and could not see the sarcasm. Should a person lacking this much insight and judgement really be writing articles that the public read?

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How could you see Matt seven times like the writer states and never see him joke in between songs?


Did he call all of us cheering fans drunks?


Did he also after calling us drunks admit in the same article he passed out from drinking too much?


I love people so much some days. I wonder who the writer thinks takes him seriously in the least.. poor guy.

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I met Matt after the show. The fact that the guy stayed until about 12:30 to sign autographs and meet every fan that was waiting for him says a lot about him.


Clearly this guy has some kind of vendetta against Matt. It's probably cause he's from UofT and being that it is a right-wing school, I can start to make assumptions from that alone....

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recording....hope you enjoy.


[Hidden Text]



you will have to sign up.






If Matt is to release , this will be removed.

I can't get this to work for some reason...could someone possibly post Odette and Prime Time Deliverance through sendspace or megaupload. I would really, really like a copy of these songs live.

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It really was the best concert I have ever been to. I also agree with the people complaining about the assholes yelling shit the entire time. But all in all. It was the best performance Ive ever seen. Even in the recording of Silent Army In The Trees you can hear some chick yellin. wow.

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