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Let's Pick An External Harddrive!

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I don't have much money but I've got a lot of data to store. I'll be using it on a Laptop through a USB2 port. I'd like to have the option of using it as a regular drive though I'd mainly use it as pure storage.


Your opinions on the drives or any experiences you've had with these brands/drives are appreciated.


Here are my choices:


LaCie 500GB USB 2.0 FA Porsche Design External Hard Drive ($139CAD)



Comstar Platinum 320GB 3.5" External Hard Drive With One-Touch Backup ($99.99CAD)



I/O Magic 250GB 3.5" External Hard Drive (I250HD35F) ($99.99CAD)



Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB 3.5" External Hard Drive ($89.99CAD)



Kaser Storage Vault 500GB 3.5" External Hard Drive ($119.00CAD)



Western Digital Elements 400GB USB External Hard Drive ($129.99CAD)



I could buy an enclosure and an internal drive but it looks like it'd cost me more to do that ;)

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Western Digital is a good name, and so is Seagate. my friend had a LaCie external once, but it died on him. as for the rest of the brands, i have never heard of them. so i would go with either Western Digital or Seagate.

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I have 2 Seagate Free Agents (mine are 160s, so they can run off my usb power, no ac cord needed, which is really great for me) and they've always been good to me. they've been dropped a bunch of times, thrown in backpacks, etc...

One of my jobs had a I/O that dies after like 2 months.

I've only had good experiences with LaCies, but I've heard tales of them dying.


So I'd say Seagate, but if it's in your price range, you might try to get more gigs than the one you linked.

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Sounds like a plan but I dont want to drive all the way there unless I know for sure they have what I want.


I'm looking for a 3.5" external harddrive enclosure that has IEEE 1394 and USB2 (backwards compatible) ports, it should support SATA but preferably SATA2. Having a built in fan is a plus and I'm probably going to need a 4 to 6 Firewire cable so it'll need its own power supply as well.


I want to put a 500GB Seagate Barracuda drive in there which I also need to buy.

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Why not buy the drive online? Like TigerDirect or NCIX (It's in BC), it's likely a little cheaper and it gets delivered to your door in a few days.


Also Western Digital and Seagate are the way to go

yep that's the way i'm going. im getting a seagate barracuda and an alluminium case

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