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Star Trek Xi

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So even though the cast doesn't look too good, I'm still willing to pay the $11 to see it because I've always loved the series.


One thing really irks me though, Sylar.


Check this out:






Leonard Nimoy sounded awesome, Sylar sounds like he just finished going through puberty. No offense, he seems like a good guy but his voice is just annoying.


Also Shatner better be in it, dammit.

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That cast mostly sucks. There are some good people in there, Liek Simon Pegg and Eric Bana, but the key players suck. I bet they forget and make Spock all full of emotions that he doesn't learn to control until the end of the film. And I don't like the "Adventures of Lil' Star Trek" thing. Why can't they just make them adults with a new cast? It'd be blasphemy, but I think it would still be better than doing the college years. Unless they make it a teen titty comedy.

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haha Danny Glover as Warf would be magnificent lol


I'll go see it, even though it looks retarded, if only to laugh in the theaters, and bitch about how they messed shit up after the movie's over.


I honestly can't believe they're making this to begin with...


haha funny bit of trivia...one of the writers used to be the exec producer for Xena. Sweet XD

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i'd pay good money to see danny glover as worf, sitting on a toilet with a bomb under it, say "i'm getting too old for this shit." good money.

hahaha i nearly choked on my coffee when i read that.


let's start a petition to get danny glover cast as warf, or at the very least, some kind of klingon. it would be hilarious seeing him yell like warf has been known to do. picturing that with "operation dumbo drop" in mind might just kill me.

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