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Guitar Tabs On The Internet

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As a guitar player I rely mainly on the internet as my source of tabs so I can learn how to play songs. While there are some good tabs out there, it seems like the vast majority are absolute crap! Here are some of my beefs with online guitar tabs:


(1) Why is it so hard for the tabbers to get it right? It seems like very few tabs actually have the whole song start to finish with few or no errors. Some of the things you get don't even sound remotely close to the real thing!


(2) How many times do you have to post the same tab over and over? You find a tab for a song that is nowhere close to the real thing. Luckily there are 10 other versions available. Unfortunately, all 10 versions are just a copy and pasted duplicate of the first one, posted over and over again.


(3)What level of education does the average tabber have, grade 1 English? The spelling and grammar in quite a few tabs is atrocious! I mean, when you spell the band's name and the song name wrong, that is just lame.


(4) It helps to know the correct tuning of a song before you tab it. So many tabs have the notes right, but the tuning wrong... this can usually be easily figured out for songs that are in Drop D, but it's a bother.


Please add your own complaints or comments! I'm sure there are hundreds more out there who share the same opinion!

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People who tab do it so other people could easily learn the songs, I don't really have any complaints for them because generally, it's a great help. So yeah, it takes a while to sort out through the crappy tabs but in the end, it's much worth it then buying songbooks and etc.

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