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Favourite Disney Princess

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is your favourite Disney Princess?

    • Ariel
    • Mulan
    • Cinderella
    • Snow White
    • Jasmine
    • Sleeping Beauty
    • Belle
    • Pocahontas

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This is tough. I haven't voted yet, but I may vote for Mulan. I think it's a very underated movie, though Mulan as a character isn't as classic as Ariel. It comes down to one of those two for me.


A lot of people may go for Jasmine, but I think that's a mistake. Aladdin was fantastic, but she was a small player in it.

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Ariel all the way. Best singer, hottest, has the hottest boyfriend, her dad OWNED THE OCEAN, and...mermaids are just the shit in general.



Lauren, you're cool for making this thread ;)

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I'm glad so many guys are posting in this. I was a little trepidatious about going in depth about the merits of Disney princesses.


Edit: I voted Mulan so that she didn't get swept by Ariel.

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You lose, Owen.


The pictures of the princesses reminded me of something odd Kevin and I noticed while we were in a store in Disneyland.


All of the Caucasian Princesses had their own display window, and then all the "ethnic" princesses were squished together in their own tiny display window.


Oh. And Esmeralda was there too. But she's not a real Disney Princess. Cos she's such a hoe. haha.

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I voted for Batman.



Actually I voted for Ariel, because last week I watched the scene where she gets raped/made-over and made naked and I found it pretty hot. Cartoons made me have a thing for (certain) red heads, and Ariel was in part responsible. Second place would be Snow White for the same reasons as Mike, and I also think Belle is nice.

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The guys are sleazing this thread up XD


Lauren, thanks for posting those vids... I haven't seen Aladdin for years...




Jasmine kind of has really sexy eyes...


... this could easily turn into a Disney porn thread...I pray it won't...

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