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Let's Name This Nerd Shack

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Speaking from the perspective of an IT support professional (on paper) "go fuck yourself, you ignorant cockbag".


And if that doesn't fly, "Problem exists between keyboard and chair".

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You can sing the song either way. Or:


A glove slap in a little old face will

Get you satisfaction.

Glove slap ba-a-beee

(Glove slap, baby)

Glove slap, baby, glove slap!

Glove slap, I don't take crap!

Glove slap, shut your big yap.



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Kinda on subject - I can't believe the wide range of knowledge in tech support bases. My own experience with my internet for the past 2 months is a prime example:


I don't know much about computers but I can learn and I'm really not a moron. But, it took over 2 months, 12 calls, 3 e-mails and 3 visits by an installer (and an unnecessary installation of a $100 tripod and tower to my roof) to get my internet up and running (at least for the past 24 hours - fingers crossed). I believe this is in part to having to speak to 'level 1' techs almost every time I called that either thought they could solve my problem and didn't need to transfer me to level 2 or they simply refused when I asked (because telling me to reboot my fucking computer and then saying 'well, it works' is a fucking solution). I shouldn't have to turn my computer on and off and unplug my connection every day, let alone 3-4 times a day.


But, the nice guy I talked to yesterday seems to have solved my problem, although I will not believe it until I have uninterrupted service for about a week. At the point, I will be calliing customer service/billing to ask now for my 2 free months of service I was promised because the initial 2 months I got free, was not actually service but aggravation to me. I will also be getting some sort of compensation for them sending out the installer who screwed me out of $100.


I hate these people (not IT but the internet provider).

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That sounds all to familiar. I have cable internet, every few months the company calls me and says that they aren't getting a signal from my digital cable box, and can they ping it. The first time I said, well everything is working but go ahead. This caused my cable and internet to stop working, and it took 1 week and 2 different service techs to fix it. Since then I have told them that I don't care, and will call them if it breaks.


And my new suggestion is "phreaking 2700"

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