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Apparently the problem with my connection was something about the module they put on my roof. It's an old module (why the fuck did they not set me up with the newer one?) but it is using newer software so he had to disable something (sounded like he said mats?). Several times a day I would lose my connection, the computer would say my connection was back but it was something crazy like too many numbers) and I would not be able to get on the internet. So, I would have to turn the computer off and unplug the line or release and renew on DOS.


I believe I am paying WAY too much to have to do that 3-4 times a day. Fuckers. I have anger issues with them.

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ok, since this was a thread about computer problems at one time, i am going to ask a computer problem;


for the people that use Linux, do you know how to uninstall Kwallet from the OS or disable it?





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