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Windows Vista Sp1

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It does make it a little faster, but the best way to do that is really to deactivate UAC.


Other than that, http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,140460-pg,1/article.html sums it up better than me ;)


But those are all the changes I've seen as of yet. File copying still has bugs in it though but, this is the RC so, with a little luck, the final version will be corrected.


But Anton, if your dad's got XP Pro, I don't think it's necessary to spend to get him Vista. Personally, I have it because it came with my computer. But with the SP1 and UAC deactivated, you get basically a better looking XP Pro. If I could switch my Vista liscence for an XP Pro one I would. Don't get me wrong, Vista is cool and all, but functionalities should always come before cool gadgets. And I have to say that, with everything I use, especially WAMP, I miss XP sometimes.

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Last night I was at a networking event and ended up talking to this guy who owns a pc repair place. He says it's pretty hush hush, but Microsoft has given a lot of shops authority to revert back to XP with a free license. I would assume you have to pay for labor, but I'm not sure. he says the release of Vista has given him a ton of business ;)

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Yeah I'm going to call Microsoft today to see if there's anything I can do myself license wise.


Vista is just a product that Microsoft has put out because they were promising something for 2003 and weren't able to release it. That new Windows should be out in 2009 and should be called Windows Seven. They bit more than they could chew on that one ;)

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Yeah that's why I bought a PC...for double the price for a Mac, I had a lower specs.


I wish I could have Mac OS on PC too.


But Christine I think you're right too. That's pretty much what Windows Seven is gonna be imo a big(ger) Mac OS X ripoff

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yeah i've heard just as many problems with the mac OS. my friend just installed the newest cat-themed one and nothing works anymore. garage band practically explodes. he can barely run safari. as for me, so far i've had no problems with vista aside from speed. knock on wood....


nothing will ever be as bad as windows ME...

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Windows ME -> icon8.gif


Still though, I just downgraded to XP Pro. For me, Windows versions go as follow:


XP Pro

XP Home

Windows 3.11

Windows 2000

Windows 98

Windows Vista

Windows 95

Windows ME


The rest are useless ;)

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you can't really upgrade mac hardware though, can you?


can you even pick out the parts you want for a mac?

as far as i know, you can upgrade, but i have never tried nor needed to.


did you ever think that maybe the reason why pcs have so many fucking problems is because there are so many different variations of the same part to choose from? the reason why your video card didnt work is because it wasnt set a specific standard because there is TOO MUCH CHOICE and too many options.


most mac owners will agree that its alot easier buying from a list of three and fine tuning it to your needs is a lot easier and less time consuming than hunting for parts.

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Too true, I'm sure March isn't going to be the release date. In a way I hope it is, hopefully fix some things with Vista that I've been hearing about. So far mine's running smoothly, a few glitches but those are mostly my fault from finding and testing Anti-Virus/Firewall softwares.

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