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I own the US version of Beautiful Midnight and in addition to the alternate track-listing, there are re-edited versions of Hello Time Bomb, Strange Days, and Load Me Up...and Everything is Automatic is also re-edited. They basically sound heavier (with the exception of strange days) and pan differently. The reverb in Strange Days and Load Me Up is removed too.

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The real answer to this entire thread is that link right there. That's how BM is listed in Gracenote's database, which nearly all of the major multimedia programs (iTunes, etc) use to pull their CD tracklistings.


Gracenote's information was almost entirely entered by regular users (while Gracenote was still CDDB), so there are a lot of errors throughout. With two separate versions of the same album out there, no doubt somebody tried to compromise the two entries, or somebody just got flat out confused. (That whole entry is screwed up - the album came out in 1999, and Atlantic's version - aka the US release - didn't come out until 2001.)

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