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I was looking around my portfolio and I stumbled upon a webchat with MG from the Avalanche era. I thought people might enjoy it!


Keep watching Sympatico Music for more chats and webcasts including I Mother Earth next Tuesday at 7 pm EDT.

We're done! Thanks for joining us.

Matthew Good says: If anybody has questions that were not answered here, please email [email protected] Thanks everybody for joining!!!

Bianca: You make many reference to ambition in one of your songs ("21st Century Living"). Have you ever let your personnal ambition overpower you?

->Matthew Good replies: That is kind of a contradiction. Either you are ambitious or you are not.

nelson: Do you plan to produce any artists in the future? Or possibly start a record / indie label?

->Matthew Good replies: No idea - haven't really thought about it.

eccentric: I've seen your paintings around the internet, on the forum & supposedly E-bay. Do you plan on having any shows for your work or is it just something you do in your spare time?

->Matthew Good replies: I don't know if I'll have any shows.

Kidney: What do you think of outdoor festivals? Any chances of seeing you at one this summer (like Edgefest II back in the fall)? Nova Scotia misses you!

->Matthew Good replies: Not really in to the big rock shows - I don't like how unruly the crowds get.

We're winding down, just a few more questions...

Lisa: who inspires you? what is your favourite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?

->Matthew Good replies: Days of the week are kind of the same to me since I'm on tour...

ZiMMi: How do you help out Amnesty Canada?

->Matthew Good replies: Go to amnesty.ca and you become a member. I am a member, first of all. I spend some time every day trying to educate myself about things they have on the website, I like to bring them out to shows and put links in my liner notes.

claralana: what classical and/or opera music has influenced you?

->Matthew Good replies: Don Giovonni - that combines both of them. Lots of other things too.

michelle: did you ever think of being in a movie?

->Matthew Good replies: I have been asked, but nothing that I liked has come along.

Nicole: How many groupies travel with the band?

->Matthew Good replies: None.

Djali_Zero: I was wondering where your musical inspirations come from?

->Matthew Good replies: Lots of places.

benman: Any plans to come out east later this year?

->Matthew Good replies: Not that I know of.

PornoMidget: If you could tour with any artist/band, who would it be?

->Matthew Good replies: That's a tough one. Johnny Cash!

Michelle: Avalanche sounds a great deal happier and upbeat than your previous albums, despite the state of the world. I was wondering if you also think this album is more upbeat from a writers perspective than beautiful midnight for example, and if so, what influenced this change?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes it is. I was in a better musical headspace.

ZiMMi: What do you think of people selling Matt Good stuff on e-bay?

->Matthew Good replies: I'm not that fond of it.

GC: Do you have any plans on doing some more shows in the Lower Mainland area in the future as part of the Avalanche tour?

->Matthew Good replies: No, I think 5 is enough.

TheWeaponofPeace: What inspired the image of saluting the white flag in 'A World Called Catastrophe?'

->Matthew Good replies: I just came up with it... Symbolic to surrendering.

It's just after 7:30, Matt can stay on for a few more minutes.

Crys: Do you see yourself making music for the rest of your life? If not, what next?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes, I do.

Pavan: Is there a specific reason Double Life has not yet been performed live on this tour?

->Matthew Good replies: No real reason.

sky: hello! How are you? What would you like to change if it was possible? regarding your career

->Matthew Good replies: Nothing really.

hack4good: Matt, it appears that most of the material you write as songs gets released -- at least, we only ever hear about a handful of unreleased songs. I've heard bands saying that they go into the studio for an album with twice as many songs as they're going to release -- which leads to a huge amound of unreleased, and B-Side material. Is it the same with you? Is there tons of never-before-heard material just waiting in the wings, or do you release most of what you write?

->Matthew Good replies: I release most of what I write.

Cherry: How do you weigh an artist's dedicated work ethic against the messages they are (or are not) espousing in their work? Is one necessarily more important than the other, or should they be in good balance with one another? Is, in fact, finding a voice in your music necessary at all in the current state of flashy-packaged, ephemeral generic music that is spewed at us daily?

->Matthew Good replies: Of course.

Pavan: Can we expect to see Villain Of The Year released at some point?

->Matthew Good replies: No.

Meaghan: Hey Matthew! Just wanted to say I think you're amazing! I have been obsessed with the band forever! Was at the show on the 10th and thought it was awesome! Moving on though... I feel that your sound has really matured with every CD and I was wondering if you have a song that is your favorite or that you feel really represents who you are as an artist and what you're trying to say?? (Prime time Deliverance is THE shit)

->Matthew Good replies: I would say the new stuff. The new record.

steve: are you planning to shoot any more videos or release any more singles of the new record?

->Matthew Good replies: I would hope so.

Helen: What will your next single be?

->Matthew Good replies: Undecided.

Jeremy: How do you feel your style and performance as a musician has developed since the first releasings of the Matthew Good Band?

->Matthew Good replies: Less amaturish.

kimm~: what countries would you like to tour in the future?

->Matthew Good replies: Europe.

peach: Which show has been your favourite so far on the tour? (i.e. soundwise, crowdwise...)

->Matthew Good replies: Montreal is up there... Had fun in London and Hamilton and Victora too. All of them - I had fun at all of them.

Katie: What was the name of the last song you played at the Hamilton Convention Centre show? It was great!!

fonteyn: I really enjoy the reworkings of old songs. Do you tweak them with the entire band, or is it something you do on your own that you present to them?

->Matthew Good replies: I kind of do it on my own. Actually, I kind of conduct them in rehearsal.

hayley: your videos are always so interesting, and you won a juno for weapon, where do your ideas come from? I always look forward too seeing your videos they are always great

->Matthew Good replies: I guess where all my other ideas come from.

allison: Do you ever find it hard to keep a positive attitude in a world that seems to be getting more and more corrupt as the days go by?

->Matthew Good replies: It has always been corrupt - you are just becoming aware of it.

christy: What is your opinion on how the Canadian music scene has developed in the past few years, and what are some of the upcoming Canadian acts that you enjoy?

->Matthew Good replies: The Dears. Well, it hasnt developed - it has gotten worse. People dont go see new band, and people rip off music so that record companies cannot afford to support new acts.

billy_88: are u happy to be in this industry?

->Matthew Good replies: That is a two hour answer...

tjornie: Will there be some upcoming shows this summer besides the Stampede? Could you reveal them to us? ;)

->Matthew Good replies: Yes, and no :angry:

papermoon: are you happy with the tour so far?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes.

Pauline: The songs with the orchestra and coral arrangement are so great. Have you thought about doing concerts with an orchesta and coral group? Thanks.

->Matthew Good replies: Yes.

Katie: I attended both your Friday night show at the Koolhaus and your Saturday night show at the Hamilton Convention Centre. I found them to be two completely different shows for many reasons,why?

->Matthew Good replies: That happens with rock and roll. It's never the same thing twice, even if it is the same song.

Shannon: Matt, is the story "The Night Opus" in your book, based mostly on truth?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes.

Preveena: Why do you think most artists are afraid to talk an open stand against the war?

->Matthew Good replies: Read up on McCarthyism.

Neil_Bontempo: Is there any reason you haven't been playing many fenders lately?

->Matthew Good replies: I don't know. I think the 335 is the best guitar in the world. It can do what a whole bunch of others can do.

lizzy: can you see the crowd from the stage and their reactions to the music?

->Matthew Good replies: Usually not since I have the lights in my eyes.

Pavan: Hey Matt, can you give us an estimated release date for the upcoming remix ep and can we expect to find any new material on it (ie: empty roads)?

->Matthew Good replies: No idea and no.

Natalie: For each show do you have most of the songs that you'll be playing planned out in advance?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes.

supersizethis: I read in an article that you've recently taken up painting again. How does this other form of creative expression influence your music? Do you think up songs while you paint, or visualize paintings when you are composing music? How do you feel about the support (or lack of support) for visual arts in Canada?

->Matthew Good replies: I think there is a general lack of support for the arts period. Not just visual arts. Everybody is affected, music included.

vicki: How was it like touring with The Dears?

->Matthew Good replies: Fantastic. They are a fantastic band, and great people.

waterbaby: My first taste of your music was "Symbolistic White Walls" so it will always be a favourite. What's your favourite song to perform, hear or the one you are most proud of?

->Matthew Good replies: I like them all for different reasons. I can't really answer that.

nl0917: What is the most embarrasing thing to happen to you on stage?

->Matthew Good replies: Nothing in particular.. Once fell off the front of one, but that is about it.

thebanana: Could there be any hopes of an acoustic cd, perhaps as the Cure did?

->Matthew Good replies: Not right now - I haven't thought about it yet.

waterbaby: I can listen to your music anytime...when I'm driving, sad, elated, or just thinking...what music/artist does that for you?

->Matthew Good replies: Talk talk.

Vigorous: What's your favourite food group?

->Matthew Good replies: Idiots. They are my favourite food group.

Nemo: What are you reading right now?

->Matthew Good replies: Nothing, currently.

Bug: What inspired you to pursue music as a career?

->Matthew Good replies: I was a musician, writer and artist at the same time, and it was the first one that showed signs of allowing me to pay my rent.

Bianca: What are your future projects after your current tour is finished?

->Matthew Good replies: Take some time off, then go back out in the summer.

Milena: Was the writing process for this album different than the process of your works with MGB?

->Matthew Good replies: Yeah - I didn't have to bring songs in and have people stomp all over them. I got to do what I wanted to do from beginning to end.

ashley: 1. With everything that you say and do and write, you arm your fans with information and inspiration. You tell us what is wrong with the world and why--but what do you hope we will do with that information? 2. To what degree do you feel that you evolve from one album to the next?

->Matthew Good replies: I can't tell anybody what is wrong with the world - just what I see is wrong. Second, you evolve from record-to-record based on what it is you want to at the time as an artist. Premeditating what you do is foolish.

nada: What flashes through your mind a minute before you step onstage for a show? Nervous? Excited? What are you thinking?

->Matthew Good replies: Normally, what flavour of gum I an chewing.

gotti-matt: During your rise to where you are now, what was/is the most difficult experience?

->Matthew Good replies: The rise itself...

gretchenfetchin: "we wore pink in the eighties..." "...wearing a pink bunny suit" "the pink pills are for your sanity" *what do you associate with the colour pink?

->Matthew Good replies: Nothing in particular... I've used "and" a lot too...

Tyler: Can you describe the artist/producer relationship with Warne and mention why it works so well? Also any chance of Truffle Pigs or Prime Time Deliverance this time around?

->Matthew Good replies: No, and he is one of my best friends.

Scott: I've heard that this album was written over a short period of time in 2002, my question is that for songs like "In A World Called Catastrophe" and "Pledge Of Allegiance", when exactly were those completed? and in addition, how did you come about writing them with the political statement that they seem to have at the time, since obvously this 'war' in Iraq had not begun yet Thank You Scott Fitzpatrick, Toronto, ON (Attended Both Kool Hous Shows)

->Matthew Good replies: I wrote them in November in 20001. As for the connotations, I think that it could apply to the world in general, post September 11. It allowed the US to change their outlook on their foreign policy. If you look as far back as Afghanastan, you can connect the dots and see where it will lead next.

drewkaps: are there any tour plans for the states? (specifically new york city)

->Matthew Good replies: Uncertain yet if I will release the record in America.

nelson: Are you planning to let House of Smoke And Mirrors members win passes to Vancouver Soundchecks?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes.

jenrouse: Your music is very truthful about the situation that the world is in today. Do you find that many people grasp the totality of your songs?

->Matthew Good replies: I don't really know. I don't think about it like that. Everyone takes things a certain way. That would be your interpretation of it - everyone's would be different.

down: do you read much chomsky?? and if so, which book do you find most truth in?

->Matthew Good replies: There is truth in pretty much everything that he has written. He is interesting.

Doug: From your lyrics I get a sense of hyperreal theory. Has that been an influence in your music and general mindset? Are you familiar with the works of Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco?

->Matthew Good replies: Yes, I am familar, but not influence.

GlassPrison: The alternate mix of "Near Fantastica" is beautiful. Any chance of adding some other alternate mixes on your site, or better yet... a live version of "Pledge of Allegiance?" (I can't get the 'letting you dow-owwwn...' out of my head, dammit!)

->Matthew Good replies: Probably not.

Deanna: How is it that you choose the older songs on your set lists? Do you play what you think the crowd wants to hear, or do you play what you are least sick of?? Also, The Friday TO show rocked!! It was SO fun!

->Matthew Good replies: You play a couple of songs that people are familiar with. But, it can be 3-4 songs in a 2 hour show.

Kristen: What was/is you favourite venue to play in, what city?

->Matthew Good replies: The Commodore in Vancouver.

Nick: Will you release a live album of the avalanche tour?

->Matthew Good replies: We don't record all the shows is very expensive - it takes a lot of equipment.

oreo: what was the last concert you went to?

->Matthew Good replies: I go to a lot of show, but I don't remember what the last show was...

alexandrina: Matt I just wanted to say that you are a genius! Your intricate writing style creates subtle, yet powerful messages. AVALANCHE is truly a brilliant CD. I was wondering if you are going to be writing more books in the future?

->Matthew Good replies: I don't have anything in the works now, no.

I: Besides the actual performance, do you have any other favourite part of being on the road?

->Matthew Good replies: Just hanging out with the guys, you know, that kind of thing.

Wolfrider: Thew CD is amazing but I wondering why you wanted to change the lyrics to Near Fantastica.

->Matthew Good replies: Because the music is completely different to the original lyrics that I had written.

Jess: Wondering if you are going to be doing any shows in Southern/Central Ontario anytime soon, also, do you ever meet or talk with people afterwords? (PS, I'm not a Wierdo.)

->Matthew Good replies: Summer - likely in that area. It really depends. After shows, I really don't want too much since I've been singing for two hours...

Kaytie: Which song on the album was the hardest to write and why?

->Matthew Good replies: None were really that difficult.

phil: Why did you decide to branch out on your own?

->Matthew Good replies: I didn't branch out on my own - the band ended. It was everybody's decision to end the band.

oreo: how has your record collection changed, compared to what it may have been a number of years ago when you first started recording and it was all about the 'pixies'

->Matthew Good replies: I sill like The Pixies, but like other bands as well. I've owned those records long before I was a musician.

laffertd: Any chance of a concert on the other side of the pond? Its been a busy year, but Arsenal's on top this year... catch a match, put on a show in Dublin... loads of great venues... Whelans, Vicars Street, The Ambassador...

->Matthew Good replies: Hopefully Europe in the fall, but not sure if we'll make the U.K.

Truffle: You've mentioned recently that you may head up a band under a new name. Can you tell us the musical direction you might take this band?

->Matthew Good replies: I thought about doing it for a side project.

Matt's here!

The chat will be starting at 7:00pm (10 minutes).

Just so you know, this is a moderated chat. Your questions will only appear after Matt has been able to answer them.

Hi all, welcome to the Matthew Good chat.

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That's probably due to the fact that he must have been receiving 1000 questions at a time and a lot of them were probably the same ("do you plan on coming to London?","Do you plan on coming to Victoria?","Do you plan on coming to Quebec?",etc...)

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What kind of questions are supposed to be asked? What qualifies as "not bullshit"?

Well for starters, you speak to MG in a chat room, you ask ANYTHING else other than are you planning on coming to my city ;)

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