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I was able to get Verizon Fios (fiber optics) over the weekend, and it is amazing. Right now I'm only getting 15/2, but I'm hoping they'll upgrade it to 15/15 soon. And in July, I'll be able to add fiber TV to my service and get HD service for the price of regular cable.


Now, forgive me if I'm stupid, but 15 mbps is a good speed right? I was getting 5 before with the cable company, and I actually could have gone to 30 with Verizon, but that would have cost me an arm and leg. I've heard of T1, but that's extremely expensive, right?



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Excuse my ignorance, but are fiber optics those things you use to peek under/over doors as Sam Fisher whilst you Splinter the Cell?

lol no. they're just like normal wires but since they're made of fibres they have less signal loss.




matrix, 15 is great. i only have 1.5/0.75 lol.


i don't think t1 can reach 15Mbits/s. what exactly are you going to use all the speed for?

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