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This is the writing on the wall

Inside the cage that gets you off

This is the scratching and the sweat

Between the sheets that makes you shout

Here they come again those millionaires to deafen it all out

They're all in all so very small

Those giant teeth that are you [??]


Falsified it

You falsified it


Miles away from here

we get it but it gets clear

You'll never turn the lights on [??]

You falsified it

Just run [??]


This is the office down the hall

That writes the cheques that gets the house

A better half thats made of glass

Thats skipping stones and cleans you out

Here they come again those million voices

Looking to get out

They're all in all so very small

You falsified them, didn't you?


Miles away from here

We get it but it gets clear

You'll never turn the lights on [??]

Miles away from here



the part about teeth might be wrong lmfao

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i asked, he doesnt want us posting it and i'll have to agree.

Gotcha. Into my archive it goes.


Seriously, though - hearing it in a semi-decently mastered state - I'm almost surprised he doesn't just record an album using this method and release it himself. If he found slightly punchier drum samples, I doubt anyone would really be able to tell that it was wasn't recorded in a studio. (A guy I know swears by Bob Clearmountain's drum samples, though I think the CDs are out of print.)

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