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Bad Pennies

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look through the nf store for silent army.


as for bad pennies, it's not going to be on the record. it's supposed to be a bon tempo type of thing and it's apparently just a giant inside joke.

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*shrug* I didn't know that. I just knew of emo as a slang term for people who are just constantly overwhelmed by FEEELINGS. And have no other way of expressing said feelings, except in a fountain verbal diarrhea and various ventures of "creativity".

I like the way that you spelled and capitalized 'feelings' in your post. It made me say it weirdly in my head and made my day.

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I understand the catharsis of writing a song about how he's feeling about his circumstances/situation, however, must he release every song he writes? Because it comes off like he's airing out his dirty laundry for everyone to see, which seems in bad taste to me.


If he feels like he needs to share his song with people, I would feel it more appropriate to perform it to people who are close to him, people who are intimately aware of his situation. Not the public, who only know what he tells us. It just seems...kind of skewed.


But as with everything said in this thread, these are simply opinions and thoughts.

I have to agree with you. Another song bashing his ex-wife with personal attacks. For HM, he wrote a lot of it when he was going through all of it. But now its a good time after the fact. If Matt still has pain, it seems better to deal with it in a way that isn't for the general public to see. Now it just seems like a tasteless public shit-parade on his ex. I was never really comfortable with the way Matt publically raked his ex anyways. I think Matt has more class than this.


Musically, i like the song though.

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you seem so sure thats its about his ex wife, but we can not possibly know that for sure, he could be writing a generic song or just a song about someone else or just gold diggers in general. Besides hasnt already been said he did this song as a joke?



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Now that all of the hubbub about whether or not Matt's still lyrically talented/should shut up has died down...

I too was wondering if a link of some sort could enter my PM box. I liked the other joke songs (Downloading Blues, Seriously Serious) so maybe I'd enjoy this one. If the music is good like some of you say, it's at least worth a listen, aside from just "collecting" MG songs.


It seems a lot of rock artists are singing about stupid whores these days (whether or not there's a relationship situation that sparked it)... ie. Matt's former rivals - Nickelback.


Thanks in advance for anyone who PMs me.

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